Recovery efforts from the devastation of Hurricane Matthew: we need your help!

Haiti is tired of managing crises --Support transformative changes in Haiti with a donation of at least $1/month-Click here Hurricane Matthew has devastated the Great South of Haiti. Many have been left homeless and injured. We need your support to assist the victims in returning to normalcy as soon as possible. The most pressing need of the victims is shelter. We ask our donors to donate tents, to be used as temporary shelters, while we train a team made up of the victims how to build homes that would withstand mother nature's future wrath.
ALPAM GROUP is also collecting: clothing, shoes, blankets, sleeping bags, or any other household goods that can be of use.
  • Medication: tylenol, aspirin, ibuprofen, bandages, Neosporin,  gauze wrap, triple antibiotic / bacitracin ointment/ hydrogen peroxide , alcohol  bottles, kerlix, etc.
  • Cash donation: credit and debit cards are securely processed.
  • We are located at 13695 West Dixie Hwy, North Miami, Fl 33161
  • Our phone number is (305) 893-0096
  • Thank you for your assistance in such a time of need.
All contributions will be listed along with their respective donors' name. Please advise if you do not want your name or company's name to be featured on our donors' page. Thank you for your support.